Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018

Finding the right wig

I'm having a really hard time finding the right kind of wig for my Dollshe Rosa. I do not know why, but from the beginning I did have a particular kind of style for her in mind. Red hair with bangs and a pony-tail, but somehow that style is hardly available, especially in the 6/7 size range. Until now I've tried at least seven(!) different wigs on her, but none of those were exactly what I was looking for. :/
   And for some reason this really put me off from doing much with her. She is still hands down one of my most favorite dolls, but she is a little difficult thanks to her very special body size.
For now she'll stay with this wig though. For some reason I do like the color on this one as it isn't such a bright and intensive (and fake) looking color as most of the other wigs are. It isn't too natural looking either, but I do think that it matches her skin color, her face-up painting and her eye color nicely, so this one will have to do.
   Now it's time to consider her wardrobe. I do have a lot of ideas, but I'm afraid that these outfits won't look as good in doll-size. Oh well, some dresses are never a bad idea. 

Freitag, 20. Oktober 2017

Photobucket Problems

Hey meine Lieben,

falls ihr hier im Blog oder anderswo auf nicht mehr verfügbare Bilder stoßt, handelt es sich dabei bestimmt um Bilder, die auf meinem alten Photobucket-Account lagen. Wie ihr wahrscheinlich mitbekommen hat, hat sich der früher kostenlose Photohosting Anbieter nun dazu entschlossen nicht mehr kostenlos zu sein, sondern ziemlich viel Geld für seine Dienste zu verlangen. Aus diesem Grund musste ich Stück für Stück meine Bilder von dort umziehen, aber da sich da im Laufe von 10 Jahren ziemlich viele Bilder angesammelt haben, könnt ihr euch vorstellen, dass ich es nicht geschafft habe, alle umzuziehen. Ich gebe mir zwar Mühe, alle gebrochenen Links zu reparieren, aber es klappt nicht immer. Wenn ihr also irgendwo noch solche fehlenden Bilder findet, schreibt mich bitte an :).

Hi guys,

I'm still trying to recover all those images that got lost due to the Photobucket disaster, but I'm still not even halfway done with it and I highly doubt that I will really be able to update all the broken links to all the pictures that I had hosted on Photobucket for more than 10 years. Please bear with me.
Anyway, I'm trying my best to keep at least my regular blog up to date, so if you come across some broken links, be it here, be it somewhere else like in the forums (dollicted, DoA) and if you still are interested in the original picture, please send me a message and let me know and I will try my best to update everything and make the pictures visible again. 

Montag, 2. Januar 2017

Altering dancing shoes

Long time no post, what can I say - except that I have been very busy at the end of the year. First came the preparations for LDoll, then the stress at the end of the year with a heavy flu, but now things are starting to get back to normal and I hope that I'll be able to share more doll stuff in the coming days.

Today for instance I worked on some ballet dancing shoes that I bought from Dollmore during the LDoll festival. Because to get proper doll items it does not always make sense to create them completely from scratch. Sometimes there is also the option to alter existing products to make them work for your needs. I almost always do that with wigs. There is actually hardly a doll wig in my collection that was not restyled at some point 😂.

But let's return to the shoes. So I got this lovely pink shoes. As you can see the binding ribbon is wayyyy to large, I mean it's almost human sized!

So the first (though scary) thing is to cut them off. I checked if it was possible to remove them completely, but unfortunately they are sewn into the shoe. So I got a pair of sharp scissors and cut them off as carefully and closely to their base as possible:

And that's what they looked like with the ribbons removed. When looking from above you can still tell where they have been, but from the side they're not noticeable anymore.

Then the fun part came, looking for a new pair of binding ribbons. I actually do have a large stock of ribbons, laces and stuff - and particularly much in pink and rose, but unfortunately I didn't have the exact same color in the perfect size. So I decided to go with some transparent rose laces instead. 

A quick check with the feet in place just to see, where exactly the laces will have to be fixed. And then I sewed them in place. By the way, make sure you use a thimble when sewing, because it does take some effort to get the needle through the cardboard(?) that was used as base for these shoes. You do not want to end up with sore fingers.

Et voilà the ballet dancing shoes are finally finished. And that's what they look like when they are properly laced. I did have to check a Youtube video for instructions (hey, I'm no ballet dancer), but it was very informative! Did you know for instance that many ballet dancer do actually buy the laces separately from the shoes and attach them later? Well, I at least didn't. All those things you learn from owning dolls! 😅

Freitag, 2. September 2016

What a lovely day :)

So the reasons why there weren't any new posts in this blog in the last weeks was that I dedicated every free minute to the challenges in the DoA triathlon. Now that the triathlon is finally over and the winners were announced, I'll happily show you my creations and tell you a little bit about it, too.

The doll I choose to be my model in this challenge was Naoumie, my Withdoll Emma. Her tan skin forms such a nice contrast to the transparent/white parts of her outfit.

The idea with the goldfish bowl was literally the first idea I had. I knew that I had to make this on a low budget (I spent too much money on dolls lately and refused to buy more stuff), so I looked around for transparent plastic items that I could use and I came across those little plastic bowls. The one she's wearing as a head decoration /fascinator. I have three of them and I bought them a couple of years ago (I think they were filled with fruit pudding), just because I thought that they'd make nice goldfish bowls once I'll have my ¼ diorama finished. I never would have believed that they would turn into a head decoration one day ;).

So basically the idea with the aquarium was born. The most difficult thing was to get the transparent colorful foil used for the goldfish. It's candy wrapper, thank god that I do have friends who eat a lot of sweets and were willing to donate their scraps.

By the way do you care to see what the original plan looked like? This was my initial sketch:

 As you can see there were ideas I kept and others I ditched along the way.

For instance had the original concept ornamental roses made of cling wrap around the top and bottom part of her corset for more "modesty", but I soon realized that the transparent net fabric folded twice was already opaque enough for that matter. The same went for the mini skirt, It was originally thought to cover her private parts more efficiently, but I deemed it unnecessary once I had finished the string and her corset.

By the way, I originally planned to use one of those huge acrylic spheres I bought long time ago, because I wanted to create pukipuki x-mas ornaments with it (needless to say that I sold my Puki long ago, but now you know all my secret plans xD ) as the bowl/skirt, but I realized that they would be too heavy and would also prevent the doll from posing naturally. So I went with a light-weight construction instead.

I also changed the shoes. The plan was to make some plateau shoes, but in the end I decided against it. Did you even notice the shoes? In know I should have included them in the detail photograph, but I left them out, because I didn't deem them transparent enough. So I don't know whether you noticed or not, but the heels were created by using hot glue sticks ;D

Well, okay, that will be enough for today, I'll continue with the clock and the GIF tomorrow.

Sonntag, 21. August 2016

Proud of myself

Sheepy by Dream Studio

I'm so proud of myself :). Why you ask? Simply, because I finally managed to paint and assemble the little toys I got as extra presents with my Dream Studio order. It wasn't that simple to finish them, as it was to complete the furniture. Partly because these parts are so small and partly because there was some extra work included here, like I had to carve the toothpicks a little smaller, since they were too large to enter through the holes in the wheels. But nevermind the extra work. Just look at little Sheepy, isn't he cute? He also has a sister, little Bunny, she's not in the photo though, but I'll soon take a picture of both of them together. >.<

And I'm also happy, because I managed to finish the entries 1 and 2 for the Den of Angels triathlon in time and I feel confident, that I should be able to finish the last contest as well. 

Freitag, 8. Juli 2016

Roterwolkenvogl's commission finally finished

Well, exactly what the title says. I was commissioned by Roterwolkenvogel to create for her Fashion Grant an outfit similar to the one I made for David, only that hers should be black.
I've had the spontaneous idea to add a net part to the upper part of the shirt, so that her Demon would be able to flaunt his tattoos even while being dressed somewhat more. However the net part made sewing complicated. Oh well O____O
She also chose a very different kind of fabric that came with small, irregular folds. It really gives a very special touch to the hood :).

Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

Baby Delf Rose (normal skin) for sale $300

I'm selling this little adorable cutie, because unfortunately she doesn't fit within my doll plans. Back when I got her, I intended to hybridize her with my Crobidoll Thor head, however the resin color doesn't match unfortunately and I don't want to do large blushings on neither body or head.

The beautiful face-up on her was painted by Nihil and is in great condition - as is actually the whole doll. She was kept in her box most of the time and displayed only shortly in my glass cabinet. She has no yellowing, no damage or anything whatsoever. Baby Delf is ap. the same size as the Rosenlied Holiday Children, they do fit the same outfits, however I'd say that the Baby Delf stand a little better on their own.

Here is a comparison between Baby Delf (right) and Rosenlied Holiday Child (left):

She will come nude with her default eyes (the light green ones from the picture above) and with her CoA. As I got her in the release event, she didn't come with her own box, but I will package her securely, please don't worry.