Freitag, 2. September 2016

What a lovely day :)

So the reasons why there weren't any new posts in this blog in the last weeks was that I dedicated every free minute to the challenges in the DoA triathlon. Now that the triathlon is finally over and the winners were announced, I'll happily show you my creations and tell you a little bit about it, too.

The doll I choose to be my model in this challenge was Naoumie, my Withdoll Emma. Her tan skin forms such a nice contrast to the transparent/white parts of her outfit.

The idea with the goldfish bowl was literally the first idea I had. I knew that I had to make this on a low budget (I spent too much money on dolls lately and refused to buy more stuff), so I looked around for transparent plastic items that I could use and I came across those little plastic bowls. The one she's wearing as a head decoration /fascinator. I have three of them and I bought them a couple of years ago (I think they were filled with fruit pudding), just because I thought that they'd make nice goldfish bowls once I'll have my ¼ diorama finished. I never would have believed that they would turn into a head decoration one day ;).

So basically the idea with the aquarium was born. The most difficult thing was to get the transparent colorful foil used for the goldfish. It's candy wrapper, thank god that I do have friends who eat a lot of sweets and were willing to donate their scraps.

By the way do you care to see what the original plan looked like? This was my initial sketch:

 As you can see there were ideas I kept and others I ditched along the way.

For instance had the original concept ornamental roses made of cling wrap around the top and bottom part of her corset for more "modesty", but I soon realized that the transparent net fabric folded twice was already opaque enough for that matter. The same went for the mini skirt, It was originally thought to cover her private parts more efficiently, but I deemed it unnecessary once I had finished the string and her corset.

By the way, I originally planned to use one of those huge acrylic spheres I bought long time ago, because I wanted to create pukipuki x-mas ornaments with it (needless to say that I sold my Puki long ago, but now you know all my secret plans xD ) as the bowl/skirt, but I realized that they would be too heavy and would also prevent the doll from posing naturally. So I went with a light-weight construction instead.

I also changed the shoes. The plan was to make some plateau shoes, but in the end I decided against it. Did you even notice the shoes? In know I should have included them in the detail photograph, but I left them out, because I didn't deem them transparent enough. So I don't know whether you noticed or not, but the heels were created by using hot glue sticks ;D

Well, okay, that will be enough for today, I'll continue with the clock and the GIF tomorrow.

Sonntag, 21. August 2016

Proud of myself

Sheepy by Dream Studio

I'm so proud of myself :). Why you ask? Simply, because I finally managed to paint and assemble the little toys I got as extra presents with my Dream Studio order. It wasn't that simple to finish them, as it was to complete the furniture. Partly because these parts are so small and partly because there was some extra work included here, like I had to carve the toothpicks a little smaller, since they were too large to enter through the holes in the wheels. But nevermind the extra work. Just look at little Sheepy, isn't he cute? He also has a sister, little Bunny, she's not in the photo though, but I'll soon take a picture of both of them together. >.<

And I'm also happy, because I managed to finish the entries 1 and 2 for the Den of Angels triathlon in time and I feel confident, that I should be able to finish the last contest as well. 

Freitag, 8. Juli 2016

Roterwolkenvogl's commission finally finished

Well, exactly what the title says. I was commissioned by Roterwolkenvogel to create for her Fashion Grant an outfit similar to the one I made for David, only that hers should be black.
I've had the spontaneous idea to add a net part to the upper part of the shirt, so that her Demon would be able to flaunt his tattoos even while being dressed somewhat more. However the net part made sewing complicated. Oh well O____O
She also chose a very different kind of fabric that came with small, irregular folds. It really gives a very special touch to the hood :).

Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

Baby Delf Rose (normal skin) for sale $300

I'm selling this little adorable cutie, because unfortunately she doesn't fit within my doll plans. Back when I got her, I intended to hybridize her with my Crobidoll Thor head, however the resin color doesn't match unfortunately and I don't want to do large blushings on neither body or head.

The beautiful face-up on her was painted by Nihil and is in great condition - as is actually the whole doll. She was kept in her box most of the time and displayed only shortly in my glass cabinet. She has no yellowing, no damage or anything whatsoever. Baby Delf is ap. the same size as the Rosenlied Holiday Children, they do fit the same outfits, however I'd say that the Baby Delf stand a little better on their own.

Here is a comparison between Baby Delf (right) and Rosenlied Holiday Child (left):

She will come nude with her default eyes (the light green ones from the picture above) and with her CoA. As I got her in the release event, she didn't come with her own box, but I will package her securely, please don't worry. 

Montag, 20. Juni 2016

Pouty Little Rachel

Little Rachel is upset. We're getting her ready for the big meet on Saturday and so she has to wear girl dresses and shoes and we're even styling her wig. She is usually more a tomboy kind of girl and she especially does not love to wear shoes at all, so she's not that happy right now.

Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

Working on some Kitty Jolie (aka Hybrid Body) outfits

I'm working on some outfits for my Kitty Jolie, right now. Since she is a romantic type of Kitty, she'll get some Mori style outfits - and once I'm happy with the design, I plan on making 2 more for sale in LDoll. Also I plan on making some jump suits for her and for MSD as well. They are all the rage here, so why not create some for the dolls as well. It will be a little challenge, given her hip/waist ratio, but it should work.

PS: in this photo Melody wears a corset by Raouken and a skirt, hair band and basket by me.

PPS: I tried to upload some photos of Melody to the flickr Cerisedolls group, but apparently it doesn't work? Is the group not active anymore? Does anyone know something?

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2016

Munich Dollmeet

Last Saturday I attended a doll meet in Munich. We weren't that lucky this time with the weather as it was literally pouring with rain most of the time, but luckily there were a few dry spots here and there.
It was also a great opportunity to see a Grant Phillippe live, but now I'm not so sure anymore, if he really will be the perfect candidate for my Arjuna-Project? But then again, yes, he has that feminine touch about him that should definitively work. 
Oh and did I mention that David had the chance to wear his new outfit? I'm happy that I was able to finish it in time. I actually made a new top and some undies for my RealFee girl in the evening before the meet.  

Dollshe Grant Phillippe belongs to Roterwolkenvogel,
Dollshe David Kuncci belongs to me,
all photos taken by Isi/Hetdansendemeisje.

Montag, 13. Juni 2016

RealPukis are the most adorable little critters...

... but mine has to go still, as she's just too tiny for me to handle.

Roro is sold, thank you :)

Cute little Roro comes with both faceplates and both have the most adorable Face-up by Kesha. She is normal skin (I didn't notice any yellowing, so if she has some, it would probably be very even) and I am not the first owner of this item.
Overall she's in very good condition. The only thing that comes to mind is, that she probably could use some restringing in her legs? At least I've always been of the impression that her right leg is a little bit more floppy than her left leg - but that might also be just me not getting along with tiny dolls like these.

Montag, 6. Juni 2016

Sandals for my mini Dollshe guy

My poor Fashion Line David Kuncci still has no shoes or clothing and he is supposed to join me for a doll meet next Saturday, so it was about time to make him some shoes. Since he prefers a rather casual and comfy style we went with a pair of sandals. Today I'm really happy, that DollShe included the flip-flop feet with the full-set.

Cardboard base for sole and footbed

The footbed was covered with velour leather

And some satin ribbon - finished

They fit nicely and don't fall off that easily

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016

Finishing Touches

After yesterday's post, I decided that I cannot leave the couch anymore like that, so I took the time today and added the finishing touches. I went with this kind of ornamental ribbon, because I think it works quite well with the shabby chic theme. It's sweet, it's tacky, it's like a little bit too much, so it's perfect xD.

Some of you wondered, why I added the ribbon at all, the reason is: to hide the ugly spots, that were left from the hundreds of staples that were used to fix the original upholstery. When they created this couch they worked very messy. I tried to cover up some of those dents in the wood, but it wasn't enough. So that's why it needed some kind of decoration, similar to the original one.

Samstag, 4. Juni 2016


I'm currently working on a diorama project for my ¼ sized dolls. Since they are mainly girls ... and also girls who love girly stuff, we decided, that they are going to get a shabby chic styled living room on the middle shelf of my cabinet.
Everything will be kept in white with accents in pastel colors and lots of roses.

We started working with the couch. This is what the couch looked like 3 weeks ago:

This is what the couch looked like after almost 3 hours of taking it apart:

This is what it looked like after the first coat of white color and with the new upholstery:

I told you, I'll be going for white and motives with roses. Cliché-y much? Yes, but also cute xD. Which leads us to what the couch looks like right now:

Already looking good, isn't it? I still need to add a decorative ribbon around the upholstery, similar to what the original design had, so that it'll look more nicely, but I still did not get around doing this. 
Honestly, I have no clue what to use to make it work. Simply just glue and stick it on? Or should I go the whole way and sew it on? Decisions, decisions. Anyway, the girls can already sit on it, so I can take my sweet time with the finishing touches. ;)

Freitag, 3. Juni 2016

Die BJD Event Tage

Cutie Daisy showing her tummy

Warum nur verpasse ich fast immer die BJD Foto-Event-Tage auf tumblr? Offensichtlich lese ich nicht die richtigen Posts. Anyway, diesen Sonntag, am 29. Mai habe ich ihn mal ausnahmsweise nicht verpasst. Es war #BJDabdomenDay Nun ja, das Ergebnis seht ihr hier. Während überall auf tumblr die muskulösen 65cm + Resin Kerle ihren Sixpack und hübsche MNF Girls ihre grazilen Hüften zeigten, war auch Daisy mit dabei. xD

Ach ja:
CLAVICLES/SHOULDERS will fall on the 12th of June 
falls noch jemand mitmachen möchte :)

Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2016

Monique Bestellung

Heute kam meine Monique Bestellung an. Meine leider etwas verunglückte Monique Bestellung, da die beiden Wigs jeweils nicht in der Farbe verfügbar gewesen waren, in der ich sie eigentlich wollte. Stattdessen musste ich auf Ersatzfarben zugreifen. Ich denke die Wigs sehen trotzdem süß aus, bin mir aber nicht so sicher, ob meine Mädels die jetzt wirklich als Standardwigs behalten werden.

Zum einen wäre da die lilane Wig für Daisy:

Purple wig for Daisy
Die Idee für diese Wig kam durch Fairylands default Face-up, bei der sie Mari tatsächlich lilane Augenbrauen verpasst haben. Leider könnt ihr die auf dem Bild nicht erkennen, aber tatsächlich passt diese Wig jetzt farblich wunderbar zu den Augenbrauen. (Dafür wieder weniger zu den sehr hellen Wimpern :/. Und irgendwie habe ich mich in der Zwischenzeit auch sehr stark an die blonde Daisy gewöhnt, obwohl ich nach wie vor noch finde, dass ihre Originalwig eine Katastrophe ist.
Naja gut, ich werde probieren diese Wig ein bisschen zu stylen, ich werde den Pony kürzen und begradigen, vielleicht kommt auch noch eine schöne hellblonde Strähne vorne rein, dann bekommt die Wig mehr Persönlichkeit.

Die zweite Wig, die ich bestellt habe, war eine für Rosa (Dollstown Soyu). Eigentlich wollte ich den hellroten Farbton haben, doch war der ausverkauft und so habe ich ersatzweise zu Double Red gegriffen, das wesentlich dunkler ist in der Farbe. Aber das stört mich eigentlich nicht, im Gegenteil, es steht ihr auch sehr gut. Nur ist diese Wig sehr füllig, vielleicht muss ich sie ein bisschen ausdünnen. Mal sehen.

Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2016

The New Chair

I found a new passion: working with rattan. It's so fun and very easy to learn. Until now I've created this chair (my second project) and a basket (my first project). Now I'll either do a second chair or, more likely, some decorative objects for my doll's new home diorama.

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2016

Pretty Meow

The project picnic rug is going fine so far. I created 5 of them that's all I intend to make so far. My dolls are also enjoying them, too.

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016

Among the stuff I prepare for LDoll6

... will be some picnic blankets. Just like the real thing they are made from a nice and soft material on top and they come with a water-repellent fabric on the bottom.

They are not only great for picnic photos with your dollies, they also have some very functional aspects, too. They're great if your outside to take some pictures with your doll, because you can rest your doll (or your camera) on this stylish picnic rug when you need to get your hands free.

They will be available in two sizes, YoSD and MSD.

Here is on in tiny size. This model is called "unicorns and fairies"

Samstag, 23. April 2016

Montag, 18. April 2016

Sonntag, 17. April 2016

Rosenlied Bambi leaves and Momoni Cocoa will arrive :)

At the end of last week my Rosenlied Holiday Child Bambi Reverie arrived. She was absolutely gorgeous in person, but during the wait for her I got another Holiday Child and decided that I do not really need 3 of them. And since I already developed a week spot for ShaSha and Miu, I decided that Bambi would have to go.
She already found a new home here with another member from the German BJD community, so I will most likely have the chance to see her again now and then at doll meets.

For her there will be an Atelier Momoni doll moving in soon . It's going to be a Momoni in Cocoa skin. Ever since I saw the Nena 02 Reira sculpt at the last LDoll, I wanted a Momoni doll. Now it's going to be a Momoni instead of a Reira, but I am really excited. And I think that I'll be doing better with the Momoni size as I think that she will be able to fit a lot of the clothes of my other mini sized girls.

Photo by Ateleier Momoni

Sonntag, 3. April 2016

Soyu's new face-up

Today I received the final picture of my Soyu's new face-up.
I really love it, she does look like a real cute elf girl now.

The problem with the Soyu sculpt is that thanks to her very unique eyelid shape, she easily looks very worried or annoyed. However, Mikiyochii managed to make her look less sad and more dreamy <3

Sonntag, 13. März 2016

So much fun .... NOT

Okay, so here's the thing, I'm already looking forward to the con, but I'm lacking ideas what exactly to create for my sales stand. I do not want to bring the same kind of items each time, so I'm looking for new ideas and inspiration. Unfortunately whenever a good idea comes up it is for some reasons not realizable.  And it's already March.. I need to start working on them soon.

Little Grumpy Danbo here is unfortunately no big help either. He tends to view things quite pessimistically.

Freitag, 11. März 2016

Dollstown Soyu

I actually always wanted a Dollstown Elf Girl, but refused to get myself one for various reasons. However,  when someone on the German BJD forum offered a brand new one up for sale, I couldn't resist. After a long layaway period she finally moved in here yesterday.
I got to admit that I acutally hoped she would be even smaller, as I hoped she would be something more in-between regular SD and MSD size, but she's okay, more like a thin SD sized girl. Her thin body fits nicely into the larger MSD outfits though, which is a bonus, too.
Tomorrow she will leave for a face-up to the talented Mikiyochii. I'm already looking forward to seeing her finished as I'd like to use her as a model

Sonntag, 6. März 2016

Starting preparations for LDoll 6

Yes, I know there was no update for a long time in this blog, but now I may happily announce that we just reserved our hotel rooms and booked our seller's stand for this year's Lyon Doll Festival.

Chibi Newt Preorder

Since there is currently a preorder for the Chibi version of Newt, I thought I'd share a picture of my (original sized) Newt. I real...