Freitag, 2. September 2016

What a lovely day :)

So the reasons why there weren't any new posts in this blog in the last weeks was that I dedicated every free minute to the challenges in the DoA triathlon. Now that the triathlon is finally over and the winners were announced, I'll happily show you my creations and tell you a little bit about it, too.

The doll I choose to be my model in this challenge was Naoumie, my Withdoll Emma. Her tan skin forms such a nice contrast to the transparent/white parts of her outfit.

The idea with the goldfish bowl was literally the first idea I had. I knew that I had to make this on a low budget (I spent too much money on dolls lately and refused to buy more stuff), so I looked around for transparent plastic items that I could use and I came across those little plastic bowls. The one she's wearing as a head decoration /fascinator. I have three of them and I bought them a couple of years ago (I think they were filled with fruit pudding), just because I thought that they'd make nice goldfish bowls once I'll have my ¼ diorama finished. I never would have believed that they would turn into a head decoration one day ;).

So basically the idea with the aquarium was born. The most difficult thing was to get the transparent colorful foil used for the goldfish. It's candy wrapper, thank god that I do have friends who eat a lot of sweets and were willing to donate their scraps.

By the way do you care to see what the original plan looked like? This was my initial sketch:

 As you can see there were ideas I kept and others I ditched along the way.

For instance had the original concept ornamental roses made of cling wrap around the top and bottom part of her corset for more "modesty", but I soon realized that the transparent net fabric folded twice was already opaque enough for that matter. The same went for the mini skirt, It was originally thought to cover her private parts more efficiently, but I deemed it unnecessary once I had finished the string and her corset.

By the way, I originally planned to use one of those huge acrylic spheres I bought long time ago, because I wanted to create pukipuki x-mas ornaments with it (needless to say that I sold my Puki long ago, but now you know all my secret plans xD ) as the bowl/skirt, but I realized that they would be too heavy and would also prevent the doll from posing naturally. So I went with a light-weight construction instead.

I also changed the shoes. The plan was to make some plateau shoes, but in the end I decided against it. Did you even notice the shoes? In know I should have included them in the detail photograph, but I left them out, because I didn't deem them transparent enough. So I don't know whether you noticed or not, but the heels were created by using hot glue sticks ;D

Well, okay, that will be enough for today, I'll continue with the clock and the GIF tomorrow.


  1. I am still so glad you won <3 You deserved it for the sheer creativity involved!

    (and no I didn't notice the shoes xD Can we get close-ups? I am curious!)

  2. This is wonderful!!! so well executed and what a great idea! Love the photo too, even the pose is very much in the style.

  3. I absolutely love your work! Well deserved win!!! :D Congratulations!! Your concept art is beautiful and I do love the full transformation gif too! WOW! :D Yes please for the close up from the shoes!

  4. An interesting concept, very well executed. :)


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