Freitag, 11. März 2016

Dollstown Soyu

I actually always wanted a Dollstown Elf Girl, but refused to get myself one for various reasons. However,  when someone on the German BJD forum offered a brand new one up for sale, I couldn't resist. After a long layaway period she finally moved in here yesterday.
I got to admit that I acutally hoped she would be even smaller, as I hoped she would be something more in-between regular SD and MSD size, but she's okay, more like a thin SD sized girl. Her thin body fits nicely into the larger MSD outfits though, which is a bonus, too.
Tomorrow she will leave for a face-up to the talented Mikiyochii. I'm already looking forward to seeing her finished as I'd like to use her as a model


  1. Oh she is pretty! I like the pointing ears. :D Congratulations.

  2. Thank you xD, but you should know that her pointy ears are extremely bad when it comes to wigs. I don't have many that fit her >.<.


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