Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

Baby Delf Rose (normal skin) for sale $300

I'm selling this little adorable cutie, because unfortunately she doesn't fit within my doll plans. Back when I got her, I intended to hybridize her with my Crobidoll Thor head, however the resin color doesn't match unfortunately and I don't want to do large blushings on neither body or head.

The beautiful face-up on her was painted by Nihil and is in great condition - as is actually the whole doll. She was kept in her box most of the time and displayed only shortly in my glass cabinet. She has no yellowing, no damage or anything whatsoever. Baby Delf is ap. the same size as the Rosenlied Holiday Children, they do fit the same outfits, however I'd say that the Baby Delf stand a little better on their own.

Here is a comparison between Baby Delf (right) and Rosenlied Holiday Child (left):

She will come nude with her default eyes (the light green ones from the picture above) and with her CoA. As I got her in the release event, she didn't come with her own box, but I will package her securely, please don't worry. 

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