Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016

Finishing Touches

After yesterday's post, I decided that I cannot leave the couch anymore like that, so I took the time today and added the finishing touches. I went with this kind of ornamental ribbon, because I think it works quite well with the shabby chic theme. It's sweet, it's tacky, it's like a little bit too much, so it's perfect xD.

Some of you wondered, why I added the ribbon at all, the reason is: to hide the ugly spots, that were left from the hundreds of staples that were used to fix the original upholstery. When they created this couch they worked very messy. I tried to cover up some of those dents in the wood, but it wasn't enough. So that's why it needed some kind of decoration, similar to the original one.


  1. Oh wow, I think you did great! The ribbon definitely adds up as decoration, looks good. :)

  2. It looks that much better with the ribbon!!! I'm totally in love with how this ended up looking. Makes me want to give it a try too :D


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