Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

Working on some Kitty Jolie (aka Hybrid Body) outfits

I'm working on some outfits for my Kitty Jolie, right now. Since she is a romantic type of Kitty, she'll get some Mori style outfits - and once I'm happy with the design, I plan on making 2 more for sale in LDoll. Also I plan on making some jump suits for her and for MSD as well. They are all the rage here, so why not create some for the dolls as well. It will be a little challenge, given her hip/waist ratio, but it should work.

PS: in this photo Melody wears a corset by Raouken and a skirt, hair band and basket by me.

PPS: I tried to upload some photos of Melody to the flickr Cerisedolls group, but apparently it doesn't work? Is the group not active anymore? Does anyone know something?


  1. She's so pretty!!! romantic/mori style seems tu suit her perfectly!
    I hope you share with us what you do for her :D

    1. Thank you! Well, I hope it turns out nice, then I'll gladly share it :)


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