Sonntag, 17. April 2016

Rosenlied Bambi leaves and Momoni Cocoa will arrive :)

At the end of last week my Rosenlied Holiday Child Bambi Reverie arrived. She was absolutely gorgeous in person, but during the wait for her I got another Holiday Child and decided that I do not really need 3 of them. And since I already developed a week spot for ShaSha and Miu, I decided that Bambi would have to go.
She already found a new home here with another member from the German BJD community, so I will most likely have the chance to see her again now and then at doll meets.

For her there will be an Atelier Momoni doll moving in soon . It's going to be a Momoni in Cocoa skin. Ever since I saw the Nena 02 Reira sculpt at the last LDoll, I wanted a Momoni doll. Now it's going to be a Momoni instead of a Reira, but I am really excited. And I think that I'll be doing better with the Momoni size as I think that she will be able to fit a lot of the clothes of my other mini sized girls.

Photo by Ateleier Momoni

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