Sonntag, 21. August 2016

Proud of myself

Sheepy by Dream Studio

I'm so proud of myself :). Why you ask? Simply, because I finally managed to paint and assemble the little toys I got as extra presents with my Dream Studio order. It wasn't that simple to finish them, as it was to complete the furniture. Partly because these parts are so small and partly because there was some extra work included here, like I had to carve the toothpicks a little smaller, since they were too large to enter through the holes in the wheels. But nevermind the extra work. Just look at little Sheepy, isn't he cute? He also has a sister, little Bunny, she's not in the photo though, but I'll soon take a picture of both of them together. >.<

And I'm also happy, because I managed to finish the entries 1 and 2 for the Den of Angels triathlon in time and I feel confident, that I should be able to finish the last contest as well. 


  1. That little toy looks so pretty!! So glad you finished, can't wait to see a photoshoot with them in it.
    And congrats about finishing Doa entries! that must be so hard x.x... I never join haha

  2. I really love this little wooden sheep, so adorable, you've painted him so cute!

    Need to see the DOA thing, I usually don't follow but I'm always interested what my friends have done. :D Wonderful you got to finish two first ones, good luck with the third!


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