Samstag, 17. April 2010

A new wig for Iris

Eleonor got a new wig, I'm surprised that blonde suits her so well. That wig wasn't intended for her, but she's going to keep it for now.

I've also changed her eyes to dark purple. It's pretty difficult to position her eyes by the way as she tends to look somewhat crosseyed. Guess I'll have to get me an eye beveler in her size.

Another thing I've learned is that sticky stuff obviously melts hot glue over time. After her eyes were taken out, there was still plenty of hot glue left in her eye sockets. However, after about a year of using sticky stuff to hold the eyes the hot glue has turned soft and flexible. I could peel it out with my fingernails. O.O

Anyway, she's such a pretty girl ^-^, I really love her soft smile and I'm very thankful to Kesha who gave her this new face-up.

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