Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Busy working on commissions

Lately I've found myself pretty busy working on sewing commissions. I don't even know how I got into that, but I found myself suddenly overwhelmed with sewing requests lately so that I now even have an official waitlist (points to the right sidebar). So if you don't get to read as many comments and posts in the forums as usually it's most likely, because I'm spending my little spare time behind my sewing machine ;).

Other things keep me busy, too. See the picture above? It's taken 500 meters down the street from where I live. Pretty wet, eh? Yes, after the really snowy month of December, January has brought us warm weather and the melting snow caused some pretty floods throughout the country. It's not exactly Brisbane, but still: Do not want.

Speaking of which, the delays in parcel transit that were caused by the heavy snow fall around December are obviously still not resolved. I'm still waiting for two packages from the US, one sent back in mid December, the other one January 3rd and there's been no update in the tracking for neither of them for the last 10 days :(.

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