Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

Dongdong is here

Last week Dongdong arrived, but it wasn't until yesterday that I had the time to paint her face. She's the  cutest little thing. I'm totally in love with her. Evers since I first saw these DZ tinies last year at LDoll, I knew that I really wanted them. They're just the perfect size, I think it's similar to Lati Yellow special. <3.

Next on my plan is to get Lankui and/or Kuilan, too, so my beetle girl will have some dragonfly friends to hang out with. Oh talking of beetles, I still need to blush her wings.

I've sold one of my Cuprit girls, too. I think it's better like that. I've realized after much contemplation that I'm just not the person who needs so many dolls. Actually I'm already considering selling a couple more in the course of the year. I rather have a smaller collection, but with a lot of different sizes. Regarding Cuprit I'm really glad, because I know that she has found a wonderful new home where she will be appreciated more than here where she spent most of her time in her box. And I am already curious to see what she will look like once she will have got her new face-up.

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