Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Still busy making wigs

I'm starting to get the hang of making wigs ^____^. Currently I have two new ones in the making, but untill then I thought I'd post some of my older wigs here:

I always wanted to have some more boyish looking wigs with sideburns and such. And now I'm able to create them. The material for this one is mohair by the way, though I admit that in the above picture it almost looks like fake fur.

And that's what the same wig looks if it's not styled upwards:

I guess in this one the material (that is the curliness of the mohair wool) shows more. The good thing about using mohair is that you can really style the wig like human hair, you can even use hair straighteners and curlers. Though you should of course never use oily products like some gels or waxes contain. But styling mousse, hair-fixing spray and so on are most of the time okay. Always check the ingredients to make sure! Oh and never use them directly on the doll's head, don't style the wig while your doll is wearing it. Even if it's not oily, it might still ruin the face-up. You need to style the wig while you have put it on some sort of dummy or hold in in your hands. Only place it back on the doll's head when everything is thoroughly dry.

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