Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Chloe is finally here

After almost six months of waiting, my Fairyland F65 Chloe finally arrived this week. I love her, the body poses like a dream and her wardrobe is just splendid. I'm not too fond of the default wig and the default face-up this time. The original wig is just too milky and pale to look good on her natural skin, so I'm going to replace it by a more natural golden blonde wig.

The face-up is another problem though. I don't know, but I'm rather disappointed by the face-up this time. I've ordered about 4 Fairyland dolls and all of them came with beautiful and cute default face-ups. Yet this one is rather strange. The eyebrows are assymetric and you can tell from first glance. And the lips, don't get me started on the lips. Did I ever mention that I don't like airbrushed face-ups? There are many reasons to it, but one of the main ones are: it seduces the artists to create unnatural looking lips. Like the 3 point lips my Chloe got. I mean I understand heart-shaped colored lips and such (though I'm not fond of them), but just look at her upper lip, these are just two dots of color and not a lip shape  -__- . I'll have to change that as soon as I get around. Not so sure what to do about the eyebrows though. To change them I'll have to redo the whole face-up and that's not what I feel like at the moment -__- .

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