Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Contest entry for LDoll: Lady of Shalott

Oh, I just realized that I didn't blog anything about my contest entry for LDoll here.

Okay, it's supposed to represent Lady Elaine of Ascalot (also known as Lady of Shalott). She's one of those tragic figures from the Arthur Legends.

She's deeply in love with Sir Lancelot, but he isn't even aware of her love, so in the end she dies young because of her lovelornness.

I've created this outfit not as a exact replica of the type of clothes that was worn at that time, but more as some sort of fantasy outfit, representing all of her symbols. She's often referred to as the pury-white or lily-white maiden, that's why I made the outfit completely white with gold. The collar is made to represent a lily flower.

In her hands she holds the shield of Lancelot (which she has been secretly guarding according to some legends) and with her other hand she holds a mirror. According to some other legends (and thanks to the poem of Lord Tennyson) she's mostly known as the woman who could perceive the world around her only in the mirror's reflection.

I've designed and sewn this outfit myself, I even made the shield myself which I am really proud of. I actually liked working with metal so much that I'm really considering making a full knight armor sooner or later.

I'm so happy that I really made it into the Top Ten and will be able to display her at the show in Lyon ^__^!


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