Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Only two and a half weeks till LDoll

...and I should be sewing like mad, finishing my last plush hats, but instead I'm experimenting with two-tone resin casting. And with glitter. Lots of glitter e__e

Yes, here I have been basically trying to make this test-horn two tone. transparent at the tip and milky-white at the base. And then I got the idea, hey, it's supposed to be a unicorn horn, why not add a little bit of glimmer to it? Haha, well, I guess now you can hardly see the milky part because of all the glitter. I definitely added to much, giving the whole horn a much too grey look o__o.


  1. Hey how are you doing? :D I finally got my tanned May Valentine home and have some pics of her in my Flickr if you want to see the hat again!

  2. Hello Xaya, thank you very much I'm fine although the last two weeks have been horribly busy. (And the next two unfortunately aren't going to be any better.... talking of pre-holiday stress here)

    But now I'm off looking at the pictures of your new girl ^______^!!!


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