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Shiny, shiny!

There are a lot of things going on with my collection currently. I've decided for my own sake to downsize it and instead of constantly getting new ones, finishing up with all the old ones who still lack blushings/clothing/wigs/eyes and whatnot.

So I've sold Euclase, I've sold one of my Cuprits (the LE Dark Frost version, but I've kept my Cuprit mod Hybrid) and I'm currently in the process of selling my Ender as well. Although it is a pity to let all of those gorgeous dolls go, it is also a kind of relief to me. It feels better to have fewer and to be able to concentrate more on them. 

And as a first I've decided to finish the blushings on my Syen's hooves. (Well, yes, my Syen wears Glot hooves instead of her original gargoyle feet.)  I've also tried for the first time to use Pearl Ex Powder on body parts - and wow is it shiny O___O. But I love that effect, my Syen is a girly-girl, so it fits well with her overall concept xD.


  1. Aww man, downsizing one's collection is tough. I feel like that I should do that too, I just can't think of which to let go first. :P I'd love to have a smaller collection for several reasons.

    Loving the blushing on those hooves. ^^


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I'm having a really hard time finding the right kind of wig for my Dollshe Rosa. I do not know why, but from the beginning I did have a particular kind of style for her in mind. Red hair with bangs and a pony-tail, but somehow that style is hardly available, especially in the 6/7 size range. Until now I've tried at least seven(!) different wigs on her, but none of those were exactly what I was looking for. :/
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Hey meine Lieben,

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